Sandra Miniere, Your Guide to Radiant Wellness!

Did you know that
Getting older does not have to mean getting sicker
Most disease is preventable and treatable without negative side effects
Natural treatment approaches exist for every budget and lifestyle

You can take the fear and confusion out of getting well by discovering the many ways to heal your body and improve your life. Your options are many; the basics are simple. By doing your research, focusing on becoming your best and creating a plan of action, you will accomplish the results you want. What you put in is what you get back.

The payoffs of Integrative Wellness are these:

  • Physical vitality, strength, flexibility, and longevity
  • Mental clarity, creativity, and curiosity
  • Emotional well-being, love, trust and enthusiasm
  • Spiritual upliftment, inner peace, gratitude, optimism and acceptance
  • Purposeful living based on personal values, truths and desires

Integrative wellness includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. When you work with each aspect and blend them together, you create a protective shield from stress, illness and the aging process. You are taking the high road to greater aliveness.

This state of optimal health and well-being does not just happen; it is accomplished with awareness, commitment and purposeful action.

You have the power to

  • maintain a healthy body,
  • manage your emotions,
  • change your thoughts,
  • connect with your spirituality
  • and create a life that feels right for you.

Sandra Miniere—author, life coach and EFT practitioner—provides common sense answers to complex issues as she inspires people to create an abundant lifestyle—one filled with physical vitality, personal satisfaction, financial prosperity and supportive relationships.