Cancer Prevention – It Is Not Only About Your Genetic Blueprint

Prophylactic Mastectomy – There is more to the story than what you read and hear in the news.

Will people make Angelina Jolene a heroine for having both of her breasts removed to prevent cancer? Will women follow her because she is famous? I hope not. This is a drastic action to prevent cancer, even when a woman has the breast cancer gene. If a woman relies on the conventional medical view of cancer and health, this option may sound like the way to beat cancer.

Other options exist. Many scientists and doctors look at cancer from a different perspective. They look at how the biological environment (terrain) around the genes and cells influences whether genes express themselves to promote or prevent cancer. This dynamic process of gene expression is different from a person’s genetic coding.

In the new biology of epigenetics, lifestyle factors, from thoughts to toxins, influence the terrain that drives gene expression and cell functioning. These lifestyle factors are important predictors of who gets cancer or not. In this model, lifestyle is a better cancer predictor than genetic coding. For example, environmental toxins, stress, nutrition, exercise, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, smoking and alcohol consumption influence whether a body will produce active cancer. A healthy lifestyle, not the removal of breast tissue, lowers a woman’s cancer risk factors.

On my website, A Lighter Side to Cancer, you can review 30 researched based cancer risk factors.

To learn more about epigenetics, go to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s newsletter article.

In this YouTube video, Bruce Lipton, PhD, explains how we are no longer victims of our genetics but can become masters of them: This exciting news will have a profound impact on how we view and treat disease.

In my own journey through breast cancer twelve years ago, I decided to have a breast removed to save my life. Then I researched the underlying causes that may have contributed to my cancer. That research led me to the new biology of epigenetics and understanding the role my lifestyle played in getting cancer. Once I understood how my biological terrain could harm or heal me, I developed my own integrative treatment plan. After a left modified radical mastectomy with reconstruction, I participated in programs to boost my immune system and detoxify my body. I also reduced and managed stress, worked through unresolved negative emotions and kept my focus on achieving optimal health. I took charge of my healing and made tough decisions to protect my body. Today I rely on my lifestyle choices to prevent a cancer recurrence.

Women who must make radical decisions about their bodies increase their treatment and prevention options when they do not rely on conventional medicine alone. Whatever a woman chooses to do, she is making a courageous decision. I suggest that each woman does her research to understand the causes of cancer and explore the many ways to treat it. Knowledge is power over cancer.

I am learning that research studies cannot always be trusted. So, once a woman gathers the facts, she also needs to allow her intuition to help her make important life decisions. With curiosity, information and intuition, she will come up with the right answers for her. I invite women to take charge of their health and healing; do not just follow the pack. In this age of information, everyone has an opportunity to make informed decisions.

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