The Upside of Depression

Periods of sadness, apathy, hopelessness and discontent have been part of my life’s journey, and I assume that is true for most people. How we deal with those feelings matters. They can lead to personal transformation and lifestyle changes or disempowerment and a pessimistic outlook. In my life, periods of depression accompanied 1) the ending […] Read more »

Four Tips to Clear Emotional Clutter

Spring appears to be an ideal time to clear the clutter, clean those difficult to reach places and polish visible surfaces in your home. As a stay-at-home mom, I can remember spending days getting organized and cleaning my home from top to bottom. When I was done, my house sparkled; it felt lighter and more […] Read more »

Turn Your Anger Into Power

Anger is a high energy emotion. When you can focus the energy in your anger towards an action that leads to a constructive outcome, you are turning your anger into power. Speaking up rather than acting out or holding back leads to healthier bodies and relationships that work. Read more »