Super Spices and Herbs Promote Radiant Health

Super herbs and spices as well as superfoods go hand in hand to promote optimal health. Do not wait until you are diagnosed with a degenerative disease. Be proactive and prevent illness by eating foods that promote health and longevity. In general, the conventional medical establishment does not research the healing properties of food, spices […] Read more »

Protect Your Health: Become a Conscious Consumer

After watching the video series, The Truth About Cancer, I am reminded how important it is for each of us to take charge of our health. If we do not, the powerful organizations currently in charge of our environment, our food, and our medical care will continue to lead us down a path that promotes […] Read more »

Get Well and Stay Healthy with an Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle

In 2004, Time Magazine featured an article, “The Secret Killer.” Today, the role inflammation plays in the disease process continues to be ignored by many, including the conventional medical community. I was forced to learn about this silent killer with a cancer diagnosis 15 years ago, and it is a lesson I hope you will […] Read more »

Become Your Own Health Advocate: Your Life Depends on It!

The Ideal Doctor Checklist Perhaps the time has come when we can no longer go to doctors expecting them to have all of the answers to heal our physical problems, especially the diseases that occur as a result of aging and lifestyle choices. When doctors spend 12 minutes with each patient and have insurance companies […] Read more »

Better Health through Connecting with the Earth

Are you aware that the Earth is a powerful healing resource? A growing number of enthusiasts believe this planet is a never ending source of natural electrical energy that promotes health. Placing your body in direct connection with the Earth is viewed as an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-aging wellness option. Read more »

Heart Health Month – Your Heart Knows Your Truth

February is Heart Health Month, and more than any time in my life I am aware of my heart. Every day I notice whether my heart is in normal sinus rhythm or not and adapt my activities accordingly. (I will do this until I have a surgical procedure in March.) The doctors tell me atrial […] Read more »

Lifestyle Offers Hope in Defeating Cancer—Six Dimensions of Wellness

Another acquaintance died this week from breast cancer. While I feel extremely sad for this loss, I also feel powerless and frustrated that she never reached out to me for help. She bought my book about a year ago, A Lighter Side to Cancer, yet did not tell me she was seriously ill with breast […] Read more »

Is Exercise the New Happiness Drug?

To my surprise, I feel happy when I leave my new fitness center! About two weeks ago, I joined a local wellness and fitness center and introduced strength training into my existing exercise program of power walking, rebounding and stretching. I have been exercising for the past 12 years to stay cancer free, but 40 […] Read more »