Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner

EFT was developed by Gary Craig and is a self-care tool that reduces or eliminates negative symptoms WITHIN MINUTES. By tapping 9 meridian points on your body with your finger tips and focusing on a problem, you will replace distress and discomfort with calm and ease. It is very effective in eliminating or reducing emotional and physical discomfort, stress, cravings, trauma, and more. It also enhances peak performance and positive thinking. The latest research on how it affects the body’s chemistry and leads to positive change is compelling.

EFT is based on the belief that emotional upsets are the result of an imbalance in the body’s energy system. Experience has also demonstrated that unresolved negative emotions contribute to physical pains and diseases. EFT uses the principles of acupuncture and acupressure to balance the energy flow within the body and eliminate negative symptoms and their underlying emotional causes.

The Benefits of EFT

  • Eliminates negative emotions and thoughts
  • Disrupts stress before it compromises the physical body.
  • Mobilizes the body’s natural energy healing system
  • Eliminates the negative symptoms of past or present trauma
  • Can be applied anywhere and tried on everything
  • Improves performance and personal confidence
  • Promotes an abundant lifestyle in attitude and actions

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