How to Turn Your Intuition Into a Trusted Guide

Intuition—your ability to know without conscious reasoning—can become a powerful resource for you if you are willing to claim and work with it. Intuitive knowing is a combination of innate talent and a skill that anyone can develop over time. Have you noticed that empowering, protective and creative insights may come to you without ever asking a question? Your intuition works with you every day whether you are aware of it or not. This sixth sense is not limited by time and connects you with a harmonious flow in life—you will move with the current not against it.

In a recent interview, I was asked to speak to people who do not feel secure using their intuition. For many years, I worked to develop mine, and it has served me very well: I listen, ask questions, get answers and do what feels like truth. For those of you who want to strengthen your connection with your intuition, I wrote this article.

Here are four strategies to help you turn intuitive knowing into a resource you can count on:

Get centered: Mindfulness and breathing exercises create an inner stillness that prepares you to receive intuitive impressions. Mindfulness: You could visualize taking the concerns that distract you from being calm, putting them in a box and closing the lid; or immerse yourself into a tranquil scene in nature. Breath work: When you focus on your breathing, your mind naturally stops its chatter and allows you to drop into the present moment experience. Remember that intuitive thoughts also come to you when you are immersed in any activity, such as, washing dishes, taking a shower or riding a bicycle.

Ask great questions: The questions you ask determine the answers you get. Ask a close-ended question when a yes or no response will work. Ask an open-ended question when a short sentence will give you the information you need. Open: What is the next step to having a healthy body? Closed: Is juicing important for me to have a healthy body? Ask a Higher Power to give you a sign or show you the way; then be aware and wait for the answer to present itself. If you are not getting a response to a complex, global question, break it down into smaller parts.

Receive answers: Internal answers come in many forms. The challenge is to recognize the truth and accurately interpret the message being given. Intuitive impressions can be a physical sensation, positive emotion, shift in energy, insight/voice, symbol and/or knowing. You can even use muscle testing and a pendulum to get answers to your questions. Learn how truth makes itself known to you. Your interpretation (the meaning in the message) influences your actions, and actions influence outcomes. Learn to discriminate between ego-driven messages and authentic self messages.

  • Answers from the ego may feed a wounded part of you or an addiction; compensate for lack; try to control another person; make you feel superior to others; or make you feel bad about yourself.
  • Answers from the authentic self fill you with acceptance and love; make you feel lighter, empowered and whole; give you inner peace and a feeling of ease; or leave you with a deep sense of knowing.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Act with curiosity, caution and confidence. Some do’s are: Act when the risk is small; notice if you are forcing something to happen; assess whether the message is attainable with your personal resources; ask for additional signs when you are confused; and take risks when the message feels RIGHT. Some don’ts are: Become obsessed by the message (correction: remain objective); feel afraid to change course if necessary (work with feedback); blame your intuition if things do not work as expected (learn how your intuition works and work with the life lesson being presented); and act with a reckless attitude (be discerning in order to make wise choices).
Inner stillness enables you to become the objective observer in order for you to hear clearly and recognize truth. Asking the right questions will lead to golden insights and accurate guidance. Answers not only come from your intuition but also from other sources—conversations with others, books, movies, and more. You learn about your intuition through trial and error until you develop a process that works for you most of the time.

Once you reach a level of proficiency, your life will become easier to navigate and more fulfilling. Your life will reflect what is right for you based on your truths, and you will find yourself in the right place at the right time more often. Your intuition is leading you to your greater good as well as improving the quality of your life and relationships. Have fun refining your sixth sense!

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