Integrative Wellness Expert

Life continually sends you wake-up calls in one form or another—a health crisis, accident, relationship conflict, loss of job, business setback, financial hardship, and other life challenges. If you want to get beyond the discomfort, you take some action. If you can decode the personal growth message within the crisis, you are turning a stumbling block into a stepping stone to greater aliveness. You are on your way to becoming your best and accomplishing extraordinary outcomes.

Pain and discomfort motivates people to change, but the desire to become or do more is also a great motivator. When a deep burning desire lights you up from the inside, you are inspired to take action and create something new. Inspiration takes hold and places your feet on a path that leads to a desired outcome—write a book, start a new business, get married, have children, get healthy and so much more. You do what it takes to create a life filled with authenticity, purpose and passion.

You are more in charge of your body and life than you realize. When you accept the challenge to live your best life, you come to

  • know yourself and enjoy your life,
  • live a long healthy life,
  • accomplish meaningful goals, and
  • find inner peace and contentment.

If you are feeling stuck and/or alone on your journey to become fully alive, you could benefit from my services as a success coach, EFT practitioner and the wisdom shared in my book, A Lighter Side to Cancer – From Wake-up Call to Radiant Wellness.

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