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Traci Brosman, World Wellness Education, Lake Front TV
Sandra shares her story of healing from breast cancer.


Traci Brosman, World Wellness Education, Lake Front TV
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Sandra Miniere took her power back from cancer and wrote a book to help others others beat the cancer odds: A Lighter Side to Cancer: From Wake-up Call to Radiant Wellness. She treated her stage I invasive breast cancer as though it were stage IV. She discovered the underlying causes of cancer, explored alternative treatments and made lifestyle changes. Cancer became her greatest teacher. She feels blessed with great health and a life that excites her.

Story Ideas

Cancer is a wake-up call to find answers that heal the body, mend the mind and uplift the soul, not just eliminate a tumor. Cancer became her greatest teacher.

Your health will get better when you get better educated about your health.

Eating donuts at a stressful job contributes to cancer. Three signs it is time to “say no” to your doctor

Lifestyle is a contributing factor in most diseases, including cancer. Discover three simple daily habits to beat the cancer odds and achieve optimal health.

Eliminating the stress response in your body is at your fingertips. Discover how Emotional Freedom Techniques, a simple self-care tool, reduces stress and promotes health in minutes.

Discover what your doctor won’t tell you about how to beat cancer and stay healthy. This information could save your life.

Discover three myths that get in the way of healing cancer and improving your health.

Media Talking Points

One out of three women and one out of two men will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. Discover four strategies that turn worry and dread into actions that lead to a positive outcome.

Sandra refused to accept that the causes of cancer are unknown and there are only three ways to treat it. Through her thorough research, she developed her own integrative treatment plan.

Research confirms that proper diet, exercise and stress reduction prevent cancer. This information applies to many degenerative diseases and helps people live well longer.

Sandra shares simple daily habits that manage the hidden side of cancer–the underlying causes that contribute to the disease in the first place. She shares techniques that take into account the body, mind, emotions, spirit and lifestyle.

Cancer is a wake-up call: Discover the message, live the solution and surrender the outcome.

30% of cancer deaths are due to five behavioral and dietary risks according to the World Health Organization. Overcome these risks through life changes that save lives.

According to the Center for Disease Control the #1 killer on the planet is stress. 85% of all disease has stress as its origin.

Emotional Freedom Techniques reduces stress, negative emotions and physical discomfort in minutes. One study confirms that the stress chemical cortisol in the blood can be lowered using. EFT.

“We got all of the cancer, you are OK.” Believing these words from your doctor puts you at risk of a cancer recurrence.

Relationships, money and work are just a few of the life stressors making you sick. Illness has stress as its origin 85 percent of the time.

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