Nine Strategies to Enjoy the Holidays During Stressful Times

In spite of my healthy lifestyle, I recently developed an atrial-fibrillation disorder—irregular heartbeats which can lead to a stroke if left unchecked. The test results show that my heart is structurally sound and my body is very healthy. However, the medications prescribed for the past six weeks have not stabilized this situation, and I live with the uncertainty every day that something could trigger an episode. Because my health is fragile, I had to cancel my holiday travel plans to be with my family.

It appears as though my positive attitude and spirituality are being tested as I find my way through this dark cloud. Instead of dwelling on how vulnerable I feel and what is not working, I am challenged to change my perception and focus on simple joys. I do have my moments of anxiety and feeling sorry for myself but what better time to work on myself than this season of hope and miracles.

Many of you have had to face challenging situations during the holidays. You might even be coping with something this year. With courage and grace you get through them. These are some things I am doing to cope with my challenge that might be helpful to you.

  • Feel gratitude that I am dealing with a minor problem although it has placed major limitations on my activities right now.
  • Visualize myself healed and active once again. Focusing on a positive solution prevents me from getting stuck in anxiety and striving for the answer. I also affirm to myself that I will be OK and my life will return to normal.
  • Reach out to family and friends for the support and encouragement I need to keep going. I make the phone calls and allow others to be my soulful community.
  • Love and accept myself even when I feel cranky, sad and impatient. Being still in order to keep my heart in rhythm and waiting one month to see a new doctor are not easy for me.
  • Laugh at something every day. I watch uplifting movies that make me smile and talk to people who make me laugh.
  • Do things that make me feel good. I cannot control what happens next from the medical perspective but I can do nice things that do not stress me like calling a friend, shopping when the stores are empty and taking a drive with my husband.
  • Use EFT (meridian tapping with my fingertips) to eliminate the stress, help my heart go back into rhythm, and stay calm and centered.
  • Allow simple pleasures to fill me with gratitude and uplifting feelings. Staring at the beauty of my backyard on a sunny day and enjoying the warmth of the Florida weather in December works wonders for my body and soul.
  • Flow with my current challenge instead of resist it. I can feel a deep sense of peace come over me when I surrender to the healing that is taking place on many levels of my body, mind, soul and life. I have already identified and instituted some lifestyle changes.
  • Strengthen my faith and trust that a Higher Power is in charge of my healing and life. When I connect to this truth, I feel comforted by grace.

These strategies work for me and may help you get the most from your holiday experience. Changing your perception, taking action and connecting to a Higher Power make a positive difference in times of great stress, disappointment or loss. Finding that place of inner harmony and staying there for extended periods of time is not easy. However, each time you allow yourself to focus on the positive, you are doing your part to make your holiday a little brighter. As you turn the outcome you want over to a Higher Power, expect a miracle in this season of love and hope.

I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Abundant New Year!

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