Live with Purpose and Passion

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso A few days after working with an energy worker, I had a revelation: I understood that as a young child, I was captivated by people. I observed and empathized with them. It was natural […] Read more »

Your Intentions Matter in Developing Conflict Free Conversations

Have you noticed that your words and actions get misinterpreted by others and do not bring you the outcomes you want? Words and actions can be easily misunderstood. When that happens, I suggest you look at your intentions and attitude. When they are positive and constructive, your interactions will have less conflict and your relationships […] Read more »

Empowering Intentions Lead to Win/Win Outcomes

Before you have a challenging conversation with someone ask yourself: “What is my intention?” Your intention before an action affects the outcome. An action motivated by the needs of your ego will often lead to turmoil, struggle and perhaps conflict. Whereas, an action motivated by your Authentic Self will often accomplish the desired outcome. Read more »

Achieve Inner Peace within Minutes with This Mindful Practice

Inner peace is an experience of inner calm and harmony—“all seems right with me and my world.” This state of awareness is possible each time we stop our incessant negative judgments, work with what is happening now and let go of striving for a desired outcome. These strategies are not new; however, I have linked […] Read more »

From Fear to Hope in Cancer Recovery – Wellness Matters

Getting breast cancer many years ago was devastating for me for many reasons. The most disturbing reason: Conventional doctors could not tell me what caused the disease, except for my taking hormones for 10 years. Being a take charge kind of person, I refused to feel like a victim to cancer. I did my research […] Read more »

Mindfulness Leads to Greater Aliveness

Do you take time to smell the roses? In those moments when you bend your head to the rose, take in a deep breath and inhale the scent, you enter the zone of mindfulness. Your full attention is upon the beauty, scent and surroundings of that rose. Being immersed in the experience places you and […] Read more »

From Awareness to Personal Empowerment: Truth Leads the Way

Are you a truth seeker? In those first moments of recognizing a new awareness or concept as a truth, your body usually confirms what your mind acknowledges. How do you recognize truth? When something strikes you as true, do you feel it as a sensation in your heart, head or body? Read more »

The Biggest Mistake People Make on Their Life’s Journey

When I toast the New Year, I feel enthusiastic about what positive possibilities await me. I know the year will be filled with accomplished goals as well as unexpected events that can be uplifting or draining. Goals require that I plan and take action to accomplish the results I want. The harsh surprises challenge me […] Read more »