The Mind-Body-Soul Connection: What Is Your Symptom Trying to Tell You?

 “The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” — Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher. As I listen to people struggling with their illnesses or physical discomforts, I continue to be amazed that most do not make the connection between how they live their lives and their physical health. It seems so obvious to me […] Read more »

From Fear to Hope in Cancer Recovery – Wellness Matters

Getting breast cancer many years ago was devastating for me for many reasons. The most disturbing reason: Conventional doctors could not tell me what caused the disease, except for my taking hormones for 10 years. Being a take charge kind of person, I refused to feel like a victim to cancer. I did my research […] Read more »

Better Health through Connecting with the Earth

Are you aware that the Earth is a powerful healing resource? A growing number of enthusiasts believe this planet is a never ending source of natural electrical energy that promotes health. Placing your body in direct connection with the Earth is viewed as an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-aging wellness option. Read more »

Heart Health Month – Your Heart Knows Your Truth

February is Heart Health Month, and more than any time in my life I am aware of my heart. Every day I notice whether my heart is in normal sinus rhythm or not and adapt my activities accordingly. (I will do this until I have a surgical procedure in March.) The doctors tell me atrial […] Read more »

Lifestyle Offers Hope in Defeating Cancer—Six Dimensions of Wellness

Another acquaintance died this week from breast cancer. While I feel extremely sad for this loss, I also feel powerless and frustrated that she never reached out to me for help. She bought my book about a year ago, A Lighter Side to Cancer, yet did not tell me she was seriously ill with breast […] Read more »