Live with Purpose and Passion

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso A few days after working with an energy worker, I had a revelation: I understood that as a young child, I was captivated by people. I observed and empathized with them. It was natural […] Read more »

The Three Faces of Forgiveness

A favorite quote in A Course in Miracles: “The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.” When we allow a past disappointment or betrayal to linger in our minds and bodies, we pay a price. Anger, guilt, hatred, resentment, bitterness, and despair can lead to […] Read more »

Become Unstoppable: Resilience Leads the Way

The recent mass killing in Orlando made me pause and reflect. I felt sad and sent love and prayers to the victims and their loved ones. I felt angry that assault weapons are on our streets and can fall into the hands of destructive zealots and mentally ill people. I felt anxious for the future […] Read more »

The Magician Within The Miraculous!

Life feels magical when I observe a mysterious force working behind the scenes to guide me. I acknowledge its presence when I feel directed to the people and places that benefit me in some way. My intuition and instinct usually help me make wise choices. However, finding the integrative cancer doctor after my mastectomy many […] Read more »

Live Your Spirituality Your Way

Religion defines God based on a specific set of doctrines and rituals. Spirituality refers to a sacred energetic flow and way of being in the world. It cuts across all religious beliefs and traditions and influences your attitudes, feelings and behaviors toward yourself, others, nature and Creator. Spirituality is an important aspect of integrative wellness. […] Read more »

Protect Your Health: Become a Conscious Consumer

After watching the video series, The Truth About Cancer, I am reminded how important it is for each of us to take charge of our health. If we do not, the powerful organizations currently in charge of our environment, our food, and our medical care will continue to lead us down a path that promotes […] Read more »

Your Life is A Pilgrimage: Five Tips to Enjoy the Adventure!

My recent two week trip to Europe became another grand adventure with its high points, challenges and unexpected surprises. My husband and I took a seven day cruise from Barcelona to Rome and spent three days in each of these cities. Because of my heart surgery last year, I felt apprehensive about managing this full […] Read more »

From Awareness to Personal Empowerment: Truth Leads the Way

Are you a truth seeker? In those first moments of recognizing a new awareness or concept as a truth, your body usually confirms what your mind acknowledges. How do you recognize truth? When something strikes you as true, do you feel it as a sensation in your heart, head or body? Read more »

Choose to Live Abundantly

Are you addicted to seeing what is missing in your life instead of the fullness that already exists? After hearing my inner voice give thanks for my lovely home and wishing it had larger rooms and more storage, I had an epiphany. Suddenly I realized that giving thanks and asking for more at the same […] Read more »