Get Well and Stay Healthy with an Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle

In 2004, Time Magazine featured an article, “The Secret Killer.” Today, the role inflammation plays in the disease process continues to be ignored by many, including the conventional medical community. I was forced to learn about this silent killer with a cancer diagnosis 15 years ago, and it is a lesson I hope you will […] Read more »

Mindfulness Leads to Greater Aliveness

Do you take time to smell the roses? In those moments when you bend your head to the rose, take in a deep breath and inhale the scent, you enter the zone of mindfulness. Your full attention is upon the beauty, scent and surroundings of that rose. Being immersed in the experience places you and […] Read more »

Let’s Play – How to Stay Young and Vibrant

Recently I spent a week with my four “sisters” in Orlando, and we played our hearts out. Our average age is 70 but we acted like seven year olds. Actually, it was better than being seven because we had no parents watching over us and limiting our activities. Our mothers were sisters, and growing up […] Read more »