Touched by Grace: The Last Goodbye to Esther

I knew Esther only a short time in her long life of 93 years.

I didn’t know her in her prime but I knew her standing tall in her dignity.

I wasn’t able to make a difference in her declining years but I was there to be a witness to her passing.

I wished more for her those final years of her life but her death was extraordinary!

Most of that last afternoon in the hospital I felt compelled to hold her hand; we connected in her semi-conscious slumber. I channeled energy into her hands while speaking silently about her journey home. “It is safe to leave this darkness and walk into the light. It is time to join your loved ones who are waiting on the other side.”

I felt something was needed to ease her departure. She entered the hospital feeling frightened and angry. She was facing her death after a brief three-week illness from leukemia. It was difficult for her to receive comfort from anyone. For my own comfort, I wanted an official clergy to perform some farewell ritual but Sally, her companion, and I were the only ones present.

Through the tears I held her hand as I recited the Twenty-third Psalm. I almost began the Lord’s Prayer, when I realized it was Christian. If only I knew some uplifting prayer to say to her in Hebrew; all I could do was speak of God and leaving in simple words from the heart. Finally, I moved to the foot of the bed and cleared her energy fields. (Being a Reiki and therapeutic touch practitioner enabled me to do this.)

As I finished and turned away, Sally commented on her face. It was radiant, youthful, and free of tension. Peace and light surrounded her body; grace filled the room.

I said, “We have done all we can do; the rest is in God’s hands.” And before I got into a cab on the street below, she was. Her pulse just stopped as she slipped silently out of her failing body.

She finally allowed me to help her. By doing so, we were touched by grace.

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