Wellness Tips


 1. Be aware of your options.

Amazing people, products, procedures, and experiences are within your reach. Be curious about who and what is available to help you create a healthy lifestyle. Be a mindful detective and discover the best resources for your health and well-being. Take the time to ask for help, attend workshops, take classes, read, and explore the Internet.

2. Create a wellness “dream team.”

Choose traditional and complementary healthcare providers that support and nourish you–body, mind, and soul. For your body – Maintain a healthy body with the assistance of medical doctors, a mercury-free dentist, chiropractor, herbalist or nutritionist, acupuncturist, massage practitioner, fitness trainer, etc. For your mind; create a more positive perspective with the support of outstanding self-help authors, motivational experts, psychotherapist, life coach, etc. For your spirit: Enhance your spirituality and creativity with yoga, meditation, art, music, spiritual community, etc.

3. Build up your resistance to stress.

Find the stress-reducing strategies that work best for you and use them regularly, e.g., simplify, change your perception, sleep, exercise, relax, as for what you want, get a massage. In addition, make conscious choices about whether to accept, change, or avoid stressful relationships and situations. (Research studies indicate that chronic stress significantly contributes to physical illness and emotional disorders.)

4. Follow a nutrition plan that fuels your body.

Quality food, water, and supplements contribute to boosting your immune system while  fueling and detoxifying the cells of your body. Eat the foods that support your digestion, reduce systemic inflammation and energize your body. Drink enough water to hydrate the body and flush out toxins. With care and guidance take supplements and herbs to fortify your physiology and mental clarity.

5. Rejuvenate your body with exercise.

Design an exercise program that is right for your body. Remember to have fun and reevaluate if you do not feel great!

Aerobic exercise strengthens the immune system, tones the nervous system, benefits the cardiovascular system, and detoxifies the body–running, cycling, swimming, dancing, jumping rope.

Stretching elongates muscles and loosens joints, tendons, and ligaments. Yoga improves breathing and flexibility, focuses the mind, and induces relaxation.

Weight-bearing exercise strengthens bones, elevates metabolism, and tones and builds up muscles–weightlifting, dancing, and rebounding.

 6. Reduce toxicity–body, mind, and soul.

Be aware of what is compromising your health and well-being. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar and artificial sweeteners are detrimental to your body. Critical, negative thoughts create inner turmoil and distort your perceptions of yourself and reality. Fear and hatred are obstacles to experiencing the compassion and serenity within your soul. Take charge of what is within your power to change as you eliminate toxicity on many levels.

7. Develop an uplifting spiritual practice.

Maintain a positive connection to yourself, life, and a Higher Power. Acquire beliefs that give you inner peace, an optimistic outlook, and an attitude of gratitude. Seek experiences that inspire you. Prayer, meditation, yoga, music, drumming, art, nature, and other trance inducing modalities remind us we are part of a greater reality. Make a commitment to experience your personal connection to a divine, loving presence every day.

8. Cultivate nurturing relationships.

Limit your contact with people who cause you stress and drain your energy. Get involved in community groups—religious, self-help, volunteer—that give you pleasure or personal satisfaction. Connect with people who acknowledge you and your values. Reach out to people listen to your struggles and encourage your desires; do the same for them.

9. Turn having fun into a habit.

Do something that puts a smile on your face every day: Read the comics, watch a funny movie, play with a child or pet, laugh at the absurdities within your life, talk with a friend, go on a picnic, etc. Be creative as you include more adventure and fun in your life. Allow humor and laughter to lift your emotions and heal your body.

10. Create supportive environments.

Notice if you feel energized or drained by your physical environments and/or the people with whom you share them—home, work, and community. Change something within these surroundings (physical space or the people within them) to reflect what is important to you. If your change efforts do not work regarding disruptive people, take care of yourself by setting limits and reducing stress. Or, start over and create a new environment in which you feel more ALIVE.


SMART goals are:

Specific – Precise description (How will you breakdown a global issue?)
Measurable – Number or quality (How will you know you have it?)
Attainable – Action oriented (What actions will lead to success?)
Realistic – Lifeline to reality (Are your personal resources and support networks sufficient?)
Time-oriented – A designated Time (How will you make yourself accountable in time?)

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